17 February 2009

Building a Fantasy World - One Mini House at a Time

Somewhere in the spot of the brain that controls whimsy, I have given myself over to the idea that maybe, just maybe, fairies, pixies, elves, and other wee other-worldly creatures co-exist alongside us.

With that said, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite etsy sellers, thelittlereddoor. thelittlereddoor is the builder of what are easily the most charming houses to be found. They are petite, cheerily coloured little homes and cottages, made to house your gnomes and fairies. Think of it as Habitat for Humanity for the Other-World.

My little fairy home arrived in the mail the other day and I fell in love with it immediately. I am waiting patiently for a resident, and I hope to someday build a full-size version for myself:

In her own words, is an introduction from The Little Red Door herself:

Tendonitis in my wrists forced me to take a break from the potter's wheel a little more than a year ago. I started concentrating on hand-building, and my little houses came to be. I've always loved the aesthetic of a house's shape, and everything a house can represent: family, your very own space, comfort and security, and love. There are small collections of little houses all over my home. I gave my first little house a red door, and from that the idea for my Etsy shop evolved.

Each house is hand-formed from stoneware clay, etched and air dried. Truly each is one of a kind and unique from the other as it's impossible for me to identically duplicate them. The houses are kiln-fired to bisque, glazed, and fired a final time. It's absolutely wonderful to open the lid a day later and see so many pretty little goodies on the shelf, much like opening a present.

I enjoy making each house so much. I'm always thinking of the next type I can make, how to put a different slant on a house. So far I've made cottages, houses, gnome homes, fairy huts and even miniature sky scrapers! Lately I've been expanding into etched magnets, pendants, and little scene globes. There's no shortage of things one can create with clay!

Apart from her clay homes, thelittlereddoor also makes these adorable little felt ornaments. I have begun amassing a nice little collection of these:

Check our her shop on etsy, for lots of fun and cheery items.

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