3 January 2009

Resolutions to Break in 2009.

Welcome to the New Year, everyone. Here it is, all shiny and new and full of possibilities. Tradition dictates that I make a list of New Year`s resolutions that will last, oh, about a week. Since I am three days late making these resolutions, I have until January 10th to have them completely damaged.

So without further ado:

1) Make more soup. Not the same old soups time and again. Different soups, varied soups, hot or cold, creamy or brothy.

2) Use eye-cream. Regularly. Don`t buy it, and then hide it away at the back of the medicine cabinet to one day be discovered with a surprised querying exclamation of "I have eye-cream?". Father Time is not kind, and the crows are having a grand time leaving dancing footprints along the side of my twinkly peepers. To stop the progression the option is either eye-cream or a vacant, un-impassioned stare. The latter is really not going to work for me. My face is too expressive, and I do, on occasion, enjoy a full-on guffaw.

3) Resolve to not make any further resolutions. Honestly, stop kidding yourself. If you want to do something, just do it. Don't think so long and hard about it, that you eventually think yourself out of doing it. What happened to spontaneity? "Know what I feel like doing today... eating healthy and exercising! Oh wait, today's Tuesday? That won't work. I have to start that type of thing on a Monday. (shrug) Guess I'll just have to wait."

Can I even remember what last year's resolutions were? Well, yes, but only because I read back in my blog and reminded myself. There is one that I do plan to aim for again this year though, and that is to read 50 books. The dilemma today though is I started a book in the end of December and am still reading it. Would I count that against last year's tally, or chalk it up as the first read of '09?

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