21 January 2009

Don't Futz....

... with perfection.

I received a bead order in the mail a few days ago, and snuggled in amongst my treasures were two sets of beads that were sheer perfection in their simplicity. They were simple cylinders of pure colour. One set was a frosty matte cobalt, the other a transparent, lightly AB coated rose. Clearly these are not precision cut beads as there is a simple wave to the cylinder, which lends them a vintage feel, harking from the days when things were not 100% perfect, but had charm because of and in spite of that.

The task that I was confronted with was how to use these elongated beads. It was not long before I decided that there was really little that needed to, nor should be added to, these beads. I layered them therefore between simple metal spacers and left them to swing from an earring hook. If you want to draw attention to a pretty face after all, why not frame it, without overwhelming it, with an equally pretty accessory.

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