29 January 2009


Today is my two year etsy-versary. I have struggled a lot, learned a lot, sold a little, but most importantly, I have met some amazing people.

In March 2007, fellow etsy seller, dandee started a forum thread for Canadian sellers. I think we were all surprised that day after day we continued to meet. Since then we have met online to chat, share, praise, critique, cheerlead, offer guidance or a shoulder to cry on. The group has grown steadily and with each new addition comes the comment, "What a great group of people in here". A truer statement has never been heard.

So today, a shout out to all of the wonderful etsyians who I have met on that thread. I consider them all to be friends, even if I have never seen their faces, and I look forward every morning to meeting them over our virtual coffee.

If you want to meet some of them for yourself, look off to the right, and scroll down to my blog list. That is most of them, right there!


Pegg said...

Carol, congratulations for your 2 year Etsy-Versary!!

Whoohoo for our great group, I agree with you whole heartedly!

Tina said...

Congratulations Carol on your 2 year Etsyversary!!

It is a great group to belong too that is for sure. Lots of amazing talent and friendship to be had there!

High On Craft said...

2 years?! Congrats.

snazz said...

Happy etsyversary! Hope this year brings many sales and lots of fun!

Rhonda said...

Happy 2nd Etsy-versary to you! Wooot!

Amie Hartman said...

Oh, Carol, I missed your Etsy-versary day, but congrats!