26 January 2009

Favorite Things - Jan 26

I had such a pleasant feeling last week after I compiled my list of favorite things, that I have decided to make it a weekly exercise. Each Monday I am going to share one thing that makes me feel happy. Let's try starting the weeks off on a positive note for a change. Seems lately that all we ever hear is bad news, so let's try to remember the good and the happy things in our life. And maybe this can be a little reminder that money does not always equate happiness.

So here goes. My favorite thing for this Monday, January 26th is: over sized attractions. Of the many that I have seen and enjoyed are the Trenton, ON Giant Apple; the Sudbury, ON Giant Nickle; the Shediac, NB Giant Lobster, and the Giant Potato of PEI.

Here is my sister, Andrea, caught in the clutches of Shediac's beast, as the Sou'wester clad lobster fisherman, rather than offering assistance, gazes into an Andrea-less future.

I love the kitsch of these mammoth sculptures. I guess it is the way they represent the spirit and culture of a place; the way that generation after generation families have posed with these familiar pieces, and how years later they will evoke warm memories of childhood vacations; the way that they represent a simpler period when road travel was filled with the license plate game and eye-spy, and other pastimes that made you look around and appreciate the scenery, rather than sulking in a corner with an i-pod or engrossed silence as a backseat DVD plays and the ever-changing scenery flashes by unnoticed outside.

My personal dream is to one day step into a cool retro airstream trailer and tour the country from coast to coast to coast, visiting each and every one of them! That would be the trip of a lifetime.

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adornyourself said...

wonderful way to begin a week!