16 January 2009

Hot Colours for a f-f-f-ff-f-Frigid Day

Yes, it is frigid here in Eastern Canada. At 1pm, it has warmed up to a balmy -20 degrees C. Add the wind factor, and it is colder than -30! It goes to show, you just can't trust a gloriously sunny day in January.

So how about a little burst of colour to jog us from the depths of icy white winter despair.

Do you feel the warmth? Look at the way the sun streams through the crystal andglass. The sparkle and shine is such a delight.

The round beads are a new discovery for me. They are blown glass and hollow, light as air, and so nervewracking to work on with sharp metal tools. They are pretty though. I sense there may be more of these beads in my future.

This necklace can be found here in my etsy shop.

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Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! It does look hot, hot hot! Yowza. :D