26 January 2009

How to NOT be Popular With Your Neighbours

So it turns out that if you live a small apartment building, and you feel that not enough of your neighbours are glaring at you and muttering under their breath anytime you walk by, the answer is to purchase a hammer and anvil. There is nothing like the sound of a repetitive "tink, tink, tink" through thin walls to get your morning off to ripping start.

Sorry folks, but when I am consumed by the creative urge, I am willing to risk my meagre popularity. So, this past weekend I went out and bought a ball peen hammer, an anvil, new diamond drill bits, and grinding and polishing bits for the dremel. Lucky, perhaps for the neighbours, my fun metal bits are in transit so I can only make modest amounts of annoying noise.

I have been practicing however using spare metal headpins etc, so the "tink, tink, tink" is occasionally present. I am having a marvelous time watching how metal pins can flatten out into a wobbly-shaped strip, but learning too that to make a smooth plane takes decidedly more finesse. I am learning that a 90 degree angle is not metal's best friend, but that a gentle curve is stronger and perhaps more visually appealing. I am discovering the intricacies of the flat versus the round part of the hammer; seeing the different textures that each side can create, and the destruction (ooops) that each can cause. I have only once, thankfully, felt the gentle bash of hammer against finger, an action that reminded me that I had also purchased a sizable large tweezer assortment.

I have much experimenting to do yet, and hopefully I will have mastered some simple technique before the eviction notice comes. *insert evil laugh* Wait until the tumbler starts running day and night!

Here are some early practice pieces.

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Pegg said...

Yay for you Carol, practice makes perfect!! I am envious and excited for you at the same time!!!