28 January 2009

Every Girl Loves Flowers

I recently discovered the beauty of faux flowers. Not silk... LUCITE! Oh so pretty. They make fabulous jewelry.

Look at these simple chrysanthemums turned into feminine rings.

Most of these are on their way to Kitchener, ON to be sold at Rarefunk. One is available right now at my etsy store.

And a larger sakura bloom to make a little bolder statement:

Little lucite bell flowers, once dressed up with peridot green Swarovski crystals and a little sterling silver become sweet, little lily of the valley earrings.

Finally, a very dark and dramatic piece. This is made of one large black rose, and two pale grey chrysanthemums. Pewter coloured pearls add extra romance, and black chain makes for an antiqued look.

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UxCritter said...

Very Very Beautiful String! A wonderful discovery. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sales!