12 January 2009

A Little Romance

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I channelled my inner blushing-eyelash-battering self, and designed a few pieces that are pure romance and passion.

This first piece is all about Victorian-inspired romance. An ancient skeleton key to lock away secrets and billet doux; a single copper leaf like one collected during a forbidden woodside meeting, and pressed in a book as a memory; and a single blush bloom, the colour of innocence, or perhaps a signal to meet at a pre-arranged time and place. Copper combined with soft tones of aqua and pink, this necklace imbues the romance of a by-gone era.

The next piece is a nod to fiery red passion. Beautiful crimson hollow blown-glass beads are coupled simply with open floating silver metal hearts.

A bracelet using the same open hearts, but this time with opaque cherry red glass beads, is no less saucy.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces Carol. Great job!