13 February 2010


The interminably long month of February drags on and I continue to dream of spring. Images of spring flowers crowd my mind, first and foremost being that floral changeling - the ranunculus. Tightly furled or loosely frilled petals; lightly hued, or vividly jeweled-toned, the seemingly endless variety of ranunculae will be at home in any arrangement or setting.

In a sneak peek of spring blooms to come, I give you the ranunculus.

This gorgeous photo of mauve ranunculus is by etsy seller, shannonpix.

This riotous burst of colour was captured by etsy seller, lauradeponte.

I have a fond appreciation of items inspired by this favorite flower as well. I love that the beauty of this petalled perfection can grace a cherished outfit or accessory. Something such as this headband by danacastle. Wouldn't it add just the perfect dash of whimsy?

Just look how a ribbon sash dressed up with ranunculus blooms can take an already pretty dress and turn into something stunning. This sash was made by WeeGardens.

And until those warm, ranunculus spring days arrive, this beautiful petal patterned wool felted necklace will serve as a cozy accessory. This comes to us from stemellina.

All of these gorgeous blooms somehow made February seem a little brighter.

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High On Craft said...

I love how intricate the ranunculus is with all those petals. It's like it's showing off to the roses.