20 February 2010

Alice in Wonderland - Oddities

The first three characters that Alice met while on her adventure have been real doozies, haven't they? Would you believe that there was a whole cast of other oddballs and many more head-scratching moments.

Let's meet for instance the Cheshire cat. A grinning cat would be one thing, but "a grin without a cat?" is rather extraordinary indeed. Here is a grin without a cat, found in the shop of Livethislife777.

And what of a hookah-smoking Caterpillar? Truly absurd! For those sage caterpillars amongst us, here is a hookah that you may enjoy. It has been crafted by JustinCroweStudio.

Gosh, and with all the shrinking, growing, flamingo croquet, tea parties, and whatnot, what an adventure this was. I must say though, that one of the wonderful recurring themes throughout, is cake. Cake makes Alice grow taller (hmmm, I need some of that!), and stones hurled at her turn to cake (hmmm, I would love some of those stones, too). Since cake plays a big role in this story, and because I love cake, may I suggest a treat from thecupcakemint.

I bet that Alice was rather relieved when her sister woke up and she discovered that all of this nonsense was just a dream. Lucky for us, too, since we got to share in the adventure.

Now admit it, you must agree that this is much better than the "Who Shot JR?" dream.

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High On Craft said...

That was fun. Do another one! Do another one!!