19 February 2010

Alice in Wonderland - Meeting the Queen

Poor Alice. As if tumbling down a hole, and having tea with a mercury-laden hatter weren't enough, it is certainly better than having the phrase "Off with her head" hurled in your direction. Unfortunately, this was her introduction to the Queen of Hearts.

The Queen of Hearts is a complicated monarch: furious and irrational, yet an aficionado of calming, genteel activities.

One of these activities is a form of gardening. In this I mean that she enjoys ordering her playing card minions to paint her white roses red to suit her preference. When she is unhappy with the results, more beheading may be in order. Although this rose is particularly beautiful, I am not sure that it would pass muster with the queen. I would disagree, and I am sure so would photographer theeye.

The queen of hearts has a fondness for croquet, albeit the flamingo and hedge-hog variety. Imagining that this may cause some angst amongst the animal-lovers, I would humbly suggest that the Queen return to the more traditional tools of the game. They look a little bland in comparison perhaps, but may this lovely photo will sway her. This photo was captured by etsy seller dorndorf.

Now despite her irrational personality, we must still respect the monarch's reign. And as we know, no queen would be her regal self without a proper crown. This imaginative tiara is made up of reclaimed clock hands, with Swarovski crystals adding a bit of sparkle. It comes from EJPCreations.

What an odd cast of characters. Can you believe there are still more to come tomorrow?

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High On Craft said...

What a clever repurposed crown!! Brilliant.