18 February 2010

Alice in Wonderland - Tea With the Hatter Makes Alice Emotional

I love a good tea party, but I hate riddles. Therefore, I don't think I could bear to sit through an afternoon with the Mad Hatter and his mates. Even our polite and mild-mannered Alice grew frustrated by her tea-date.

Now, in fairness to the Hatter, he may not be entirely to blame for his baffling and titchy habits. Did you know that in the Victorian era mercury was used in the manufacture of hats. The resultant mercury poisoning caused many a hatter to tremble and appear as though insane. Today, mercury poisoning is still refered to as Mad Hatters Disease. But we are not here for a neurotoxicology lesson, are we.

Rest assured, today's hats are mercury free. And if you wish to find a hat fit for hatter, try this lovely one on for size. It is by dashandbag who we recently met, along with the White Rabbit.

Of course no tea party would be complete without a proper teapot. This one from magnoliapottery looks like it is befitting the table of our Mad Hatter friend.
If you are going to storm out of a teaparty, you best have a nearby door in a tree to exit through. Lucky for us, NothinButWood has kindly provided one.

Oh, but it is terribly small. A quick nibble on a mushroom will help shrink us down to size. Thank you GeorgiaGriegoFineArt for the quick nosh.

Could there truly be adventures awaiting us? Wait until tomorrow to see.

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High On Craft said...

I just adore those tiny little fairy doors. Can't wait to see what adventures are in store...