15 February 2010

Favorite Things - February 15

My life feels a little less rich since I have moved over a thousand kilometres away from my nearest Williams-Sonoma store. That store was my happy place. Although many of the items were a little out of my league I still would wander by on a blue day to bask in the soft glow of the copper pots, pans and poachers. Now, I have to rely on their website for an artificial joy.

Typing in access to my virtual happy space yesterday, I was greeted with this very fun, genius cake pan duo.How unbelievably cool is this pan!! And look at the finished product that they revealed on the website:In this image, the cake is filled with a white butter-cream icing, but I dream of this cake sandwiching cookies'n'cream ice cream for a fun summer party dessert.

Mmmmm-mm. Way to go W-S, you've done it again!

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