25 November 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas.

There is a new version of this traditional song this year, and it does not involves milking maids or leaping lords. Instead... it features 12 fun filled days from the TransCanada Etsy Team of which I am a proud member.

From November 25th to December 6th, any purchase from one of our participating member shops will earn buyers ballots for a chance to win our fantastic team goodie bag prize pack. Buyers receive one ballot for every $10 spent per shop. The draw will be held on December 7th.

This is a sneak peek at the prize pack:

Plus, anyone can earn a ballot simply by writing a letter to Santa. Here's what you do: 1) Look at the team blog for the list of participating shops. 2) Pick your favorite item from three of these shops. 3) Write your letter to Santa and include the links to these three items. 4) Post your letter directly into the comments field of our team blog, OR post it on your blog, and then provide us with the link.

Be sure also to check the team blog to see which shops will be offering special sales and offers to go along with the team promotion. Just click the fun colourful square above to find all the glorious details.

Have fun!!! And remember... there is exactly one month left until Christmas!

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