26 November 2009

Happy US Thanksgiving

Little wonder that today I have a huge craving for turkey, and am longing for a 4-day weekend. All the word today is about the big holiday south of the border. I'd like to give a great big cornucopia of wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to my American neighbours.

In the spirit of THANKS, I'd like to thank all customers, old and new, of stringmealong. To do this I am now offereing 10% off all items in my shop. ALSO, any purchase above $75 before the discount will receive a full refund on shipping as well.

And, just in case you haven't heard, any purchase made in my shop will earn ballots for the TransCanada Etsy Team's prize draw. The prize is spectacular!!

Take advantage of this soon. All of these offers will end on December 6th.

Lucite flower hairsticks... new colours now in stock!

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