10 November 2009

Christmas is For Kids

Yes, I like it too. But, there is something extra special about the joy and wonder in a child's face when they awake to a pile of presents stealthily delivered in the night by that great jolly elf, and stacked high beneath the tree.

This installment of the Christmas prep list is all about shopping for those little girls and boys who made it onto this year's "nice" list.

First up, a little something to keep baby's little tootsies warm on those long cold days, these little booties from LaLaShoes are irresistably cute. Oh, they look like little elf shoes.

Of course, what child is happy getting clothes for Christmas? There must be a toy or two under that tree. The simple ball has been a perennial favorite for years. These fabric jingle balls from thepolkadottotspot then, would be a perfect gift.

Or, for something that is both beautiful and unique, look at this gorgeous peapod playset from GreenManShop.

For the older tots, I can't imagine these little cute penguin finger puppets from stayawake not becoming an immediate favorite.

And who wouldn't want to snuggle up with this sweet bunny face, courtesy of buttercupbloom.

Two more classic toys with a twist. First, the ever-popular train set, handmade from wood by womanwoodworker.

Then, challenge them to a game of checkers. Instead of those boring little discs however, pit pirates against ninjas. This great set is made by goosegrease.

And just in case the excitement of the day hasn't totally exhausted them, send them off to bed to count sheep. This adorable mobile is made by PinkPerch.

A few more checkmarks on our Christmas list. Tomorrow, we tackle the teens.

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