19 November 2009

Festive Fetes

Tonight we dress up and take the town by storm. Its the holidays, and there are bound to be a few parties to attend (... or crash!). Let's play dress up for a bit an d choose some of those perfect holiday party outfits.

First, let's say that we have a black tie ball to attend. We need to look elegant and refined, and nothing works better in a situation like this than basic black. But we don't want it to be staid and stiff. The perfect solution is this perfectly elegant floor length gown made of breathable, movable eco-friendly bamboo. Econica, the designer of this gorgeous frock, promises that it offers support, adds shape, yet is very comfortable. What a welcome relief.

If you are going to a more casual party, say the office Christmas party, you want to look dressy, yet casual and comfortable. You also must appear respectable. The last thing you want to over hear on Monday morning is people whispering about your scandalous cleavage, or super-short mini. You can still be sexy, but within reason. Try pairing an eye-catching top with a fitted pencil skirt. I love this DearLillie long sleeved shirt with a pop of festive colour around the face. With the added drama on the neckline, you can keep accessories to a minimum.

Finally, maybe its your intent to burn the midnight oil and dance the night away. Fine, but dress wisely. You want a dress that swirls, swishes and shimmies right along with you. You probably need something like this sassy number from yystudio. What gorgeous movement to that fabric!

I think we have the dresses covered. Let's move on to every girl's favorite part of dressing up - the accessories.

First, let's talk purses. I think for an dress up occasion no purse is better than a simple, elegant clutch. There are no bulky straps to interfere with your sexy bared shoulders, and if you are nervous, it grasping it keeps your hands from fluttering around anxiously. I am in love with clutches from FIAZCO. What a treat that I found a pretty clutch that matches perfectly all three of our above outfits. Meet Gwyneth... isn't she sweet, and just a little saucy?

Moving on to jewelry, your outfit really dictates which pieces you choose. You don't want all the interest in one area. For example, if you were wearing the shirt with all fantastic detailing around the neck, you want to choose a simple earring, and pair it with a bolder ring or bracelet. Imagine wearing this stunner of a ring from SpiderellaStudio with the above shirt. The rose matches the detailing on the neckline, but doesn't compete with it.

For the more elegant, lower cut, floor length gown, I would like to keep the visual interest near my face and necklace. I love the look of a multi-layered necklace, here enhanced by the elegance of pearls. This necklace from ERMoriginals is full of vintage romance.

Well, ladies, that's all. Now, put on your lipstick and dancing shoes. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Happy Holidays!

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