22 November 2009

Some Things to Watch For....

Three big things will be happening this week.

1) The Trans-Canada Etsy Team had a team challenge. Everyone was invited to create an item that was inspired by "spice". I sent my entry in (just in the nick of time). Voting should begin shortly, and I will post a link here.

2) Another item on the Trans-Canada Etsy Team agenda. A new promotion is beginning very soon. Maybe you remember our summer road-trip? A similar event is in the works. Details will be posted in the next couple days.

3) South of us, a big American-style holiday is looming. I plan to launch a promotion just for String Me Along to coincide with this.

Good things come in threes!! So keep checking back. Its going to be a very busy week!

Until then, here are a couple of new items in my shop:

The "Aurora Borealis on the Longest Night of the Year" bracelet, with shimmery Czech firepolished glass beads and lots of warm copper.

The "Winter Lily Pad" bobby pin. This has a patinaed brass stamping and a white lucite chrysanthemum cabochon.

And finally, the "Winter Berries" earrings. Stunning red Swarovski crystal meets sterling silver berry branches in a festive earring.

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