29 November 2009

The Sweetest Village Ever.

Sometime ago, I posted about one of my favorite-ever etsy sellers, thelittlereddoor. I have an ever expanding collection of her sweet clay homes. A new one in fact is on its way to me as we speak, and a new little tree so I can start landscaping the village.

And then... littlered went and listed this gorgeous little set on etsy.

sqqquuueeeee.... isn't it just the cutest thing, ever!! Can't you picture all the North Pole elves coming home to these little houses and settling in to their little chairs by the fire, after a long day at Santa's workshop?


thelittlereddoor said...

oh, you are so kind! thank you very much for your feature here today :) I'm so happy you enjoy my work!

Nicole R.J. said...

That is such an adorable set! I have a couple of her homes as well ~ I just love them!

Anonymous said...

That is so adorable!!!