21 July 2009


I have no major event to celebrate today, but I feel the need to have a party. So... SURPRISE!! Don your best frocks. You're all invited. Now, let's take a walk through the party checklist.

Clearly, the first thing that we need to do is make sure we find some guests. We will, therefore require some invitations. I think I found the perfect customizable, printable ones in nounces' shop. These fun ice cream-themed cards are perfect for a kids' party, but with their fun Neapolitan colours are equally apropos for any fun girlie occasion.

With the RSVP's pouring in, let's turn our attention to decorations, shall we.

Paper garland is a must at any festive event, and I simply adore the fun colours of these handmade, crinkly crepe ones from lizziebean's shop.

Add a few paper flower garlands from Millalove's shop for added impact:

Now cake is a must for any event, and I always get such a warm, fuzzy feeling when presented with a towering pedestal of sweetly decorated cupcakes. A cupcake all turned out in its best party dress, is even better. How about topping those cupcakes with these fun little party picks by sevencupcakes?

And then nestle the cupcakes in these pretty paper wrappers, from OliviasPaperShoppe.

Now, let's see. Decorations, check. Sweet treats, check. I have an idea! Why don't we make everyone's entrance grand? Let's shower them with confetti. What better addition to a no-occasion-midsummer-party then these beautiful pastel coloured, butterfly bedecked, confetti filled, eggs. These cascarones are made by gracieseggies.

Oh, one more thing. What good is a party without some festive party hats. Since we started the theme with fun ice-cream inspired invitations, let's finish it with these fun ice-cream inspired hats, from SweetTreeStudio.

I think these lovely items will all help add a festive flair. Grab your glass of punch, and don't forget those cupcakes. I'm off to mingle. Thanks so much for coming by, and have FUN!

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the rikrak studio said...

gorgeous finds, nicey! i adore all of these shops! beautiful party!