12 July 2009

Colour Trends

As a jewelry designer, I am accustomed to people scrutinizing a piece of jewelry, whilst mentally flicking through their closets to determine which piece(s) it will match. Naturally, some people are hesitant to buy pieces with colour, because it takes them away from their silver and gold comfort zone, and they wonder how much use they will get out of the piece. Colour trends do change after all, and what may work this summer, may not work again, until say, 2022 at which point it will be considered retro.

I pay close attention to colour trends and I do try to work within the upcoming schemes. So let me assure you, that pieces that you are buying now, will easily be fashionable for another few seasons.

These are the upcoming colour trends for the 2009-2010 winter season, as put out by Stahl and Pantone (from Fashion Trendsetter):

Are you as excited as I am by all these rich, luxurious colours? If so, you will be happy to know that the both paler and bolder varieties of these colours make a strong showing through summer of 2010. Better still, early trend forecasts show a variation on this theme will continue into 2011.

So if you worry about colour quickly becoming dated, let's look as an example at this necklace, currently in my etsy shop:

The deep purple is a perfect match for this season's fashions, and is highlighted beautifully by the pale colours. Over the spring/summer of 2010, the middle colour becomes a dominant fashion colour. Finally, the palest flower is a forecasted colour trend for winter 2011. That to me, sounds like a guaranteed fashion winner for the next couple years, and we still have 2012 to look forward to.

Embrace colour, and break free of your comfort zone. Dreary times such as these call for a little boldness.

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adornyourself said...

String this is so wonderful and you are so right, we all need to be bolder, color is cheery!