22 July 2009

Curly Hair + Humidity = Hat Day

Yesterday was one of those days! It was 98% humidity when I left home in the morning, and as the day went on the rains came. It was a very bad, bad day indeed for the curly-haired.

Gradually, my hair grew larger and larger. The strands each took on a life of their own, and each started to frizz and drift off in their own unique direction. Not a single strand played kindly with those around it. I had no options, other than desperately wetting my hands and attempting to flatten the follicles. This seemingly made them angrier. Compounding the problem, is the fact that I am at an awkward growing out stage. I can barely scrape my hair back into a suitable ponytail; and if I do manage to corale it, surreptiously, it creeps and then sprongs free of its bounds.

Desperate times, my friends. Desperate times.

And so, I bring you hats. Welcome to a shop which I absolutely adore! BoringSidney creates beautifully constructed hats, that conjure images of early Hollywood glamour.

For those seeking simple, classic elegance, this 1920's style cloche is decked out with a fantastically large flower in matching wool flower. If you can pull off the added va-va-voom, it is also available in lipstick red.

For the slightly more bold, a gorgeous teal blue hat, aptly named for Ingrid Bergman. This hat has been blocked on an authentic 1930's hat block. Additional vintage appeal comes courtesy of the careful selection of materials: sumptuous velour wool, and stunning black tatting.

Along with the hats, this shop has some truly stunning, take-notice fascinators. I am particularly enamored with this riotous beauty; an eyecatching flourish of cream and white goose biots, emu tufts, and handcurled ostrich feathers, plus a vintage millinery flower.

I must admit, that hats this beautiful do make me long for many more bad hair days in my future.

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