13 July 2009

Favorite Things - July 13

The sweet tooth reigns again! This week's favorite thing... marshmallows.

I have a lifelong fondness for marshmallows. The soft, squishy texture, and subtle squeak.... its transcendental.

I like them straight from the bag; I love their slow dissolve into a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and; I adore them burnt to a crisp and oozing from within after exploding into flame over a fire. No camp-out is complete without a marshmallow roast or a round of smores.

Without the humble marshmallow, my nana might have been without treats to serve us, ready as she always was with rice krispy squares, and on truly special occasions, marshmallow salad.

Have you ever tried handmade marshmallows? Like most things, they are even more heavenly than the store-bought, bagged variety. There is a store in Toronto called The Queen of Tarts that sells, on occasion, handmade marshmallows and for a song, you could buy the marshmallow off-cuts at a budget price. A perfectly sticky, and cheap, treat.

Wandering through the pages of etsy as I am wont to do, I came across these ambrosial looking, organic vanilla bean marshmallows in haveitconfections shop.

I was drooling on my keyboard as I scrolled through this shop. They boast some of the most intriguing marshmallow flavours imaginable: roasted coconut, pumpkin pie, lemon meringue, and peanut butter!! Oh my!!! A whole new marshmallow world has been put forth for me to sample and explore!

Aaahhh, marshmallows.... could life be sweeter?

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