20 July 2009

Favorite Things - July 20

Here is something that I feel makes my life truly complete: SHARPIE!

First, let me state unequivocally, that I owe my sanity to Sharpie! One summer when I was working at a very tedious office job, I was searching for a way to entertain myself while everyone (but me!) was out enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Lucky for me, as it was an office, there was no shortage of office supplies at hand. So armed with nothing but one lone (fine tip) black sharpie and a stack of post-its (another love for another day, by the way!), I began to doodle. One doodle led to another, until my post it stack was gone, and I had to go forage for another. Using the sharpie, these doodles undoubtedly, were some of my finest ever doodles. I began to daydream that someday I would be asked to exhibit these doodles at galleries across the world. And this indulgent doodling and daydreaming binge helped maintain my tenuous grasp on sanity, that long-ago fateful day.

Now back to the markers. Gone are the days when the fat old marker was good for nothing more than adding a brief note on a packing carton. Sharpie has taken the marker to a whole new level. Over the years sharpie has introduced finer and finer tipped markers. The turning point for Sharpie love for me was with the introduction of the twin tip, pictured above in black. This bad boy has both the fine and the very fine tip, all in one convenient tube.

And what did sharpie do next? Well, they started to introduce colours. At first, the colours were limited to simply staid blue and the official angry red. And then one day, a rainbow of hues appeared. Better yet, these colours began to arrive in sweet little purse and knapsack sized clickable pens. That's it. The Sharpie love was complete. Or... so I thought.

Sharpie, has also turned out dazzling metallics, chisel tips, laundry markers, and more. How many ways can Sharpie possibly find to woo me?

Even their website is fun, which I truly did not expect!! Click here to doodle virtually with Sharpie markers.

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