18 July 2009

European Grand Tour - The Continent: Day3

*psss-sst* Wake up. The sun has risen on the Tyrolean Alps. Wilkommen to Austria.

Austria is enviably situated within the Alps. In fact roughly 75% of this country is situated within the mountains.

Austria was the birthplace of the cake-eating, Marie Antoinette. The earliest notes of Schubert, Mozart and Haydn floated out of Austrian windows and it was here that Kafka penned his greatest. This is a country renowned for cafe culture. Here, a strong black coffee will be taken with a Sachertorte, or Apfelstrudel.

While resting at the cafe, why not pen some of your own travel memories in a wonderful journal, handbound by KreativLink. This particular one is serendipitously named for the greatest grand Tour novel of all time, "A Room With a View".

And while enjoying the Tyrolean Alps, why not indulge in some whimsical ribbon from SardanaCreations. This one is reminiscent of the area with characters costumed in traditional garb:


We have arrived in peaceful Switzerland. This beautiful alpine country is known for neutrality, and is home to the Red Cross, the UN and the WTO. Four official languages reside harmoniously together.

Switzerland is also home to the fictitious, Heidi. High on the Alps you can hear the low blown tones of the alpenhorn, along with the vocal gymnastics of the yodeller. Here, one can indulge in the most perfect food: melty, cheesy fondue.

If our shopping excursion proves anything, Switzerland, is also home to some very unique earrings. These wonderfully rich coloured earrings are made by Swiss designer, joelinha.

Tonight, as a farewell to Switzerland, we will hit the streets in Geneva. This slick and cosmopolitan city, is also known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. As we are likely to rub elbows with some of Europe's big spenders, we should dress to impress. We therefore, shop for an impressively silky new dress at BurkhalterCouture.

Try not to stay out too late, enjoying the nightlife. Tomorrow, we begin the final leg of our journey as we travel south into Italy.

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Kreativlink said...

What a lovely trip over Europe! Thanks so much for "visiting" me on the way! :)