29 January 2008

We All Scream.....

....for ice-cream!

Its been an ice-cream type of week here, although it is the dead of winter.
I made a batch of home-made ice-cream over the weekend. It was so yummy. Lovely, creamy vanilla. Yum yum!

And then today, I listed this super-cute treat on etsy.

It is made of 100% merino wool roving. Dark brown for the chocolatey coating, and little bits of pink along the bottom, and inside the bite mark on the top right corner. The tip of a wooden skewer acts as the stick. I again, turned this into a little lapel, bag or hat accessory.

Hhhhmmm.... looking at the photo, I may need to do a little bit of a better trim on some of those stray fluffs of wool. Nothing like seeing food with a hair on it.

1 comment:

katelynjane said...

I love that ice cream thingy (: So adorable!