4 January 2008

4 Year Olds Bringing Tears to My Eye

I have both a 4-year old niece and nephew. My niece is petite and blond and loves being a princess. My nephew is burly and bossy and exuberant. Sugar and spice versus snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

I spent the day with my nephew (and most of my family) on Christmas Eve. I think I can safely say that I may be the favorite Auntie. My nephew and I spent most of the day playing together. At one point he pulled out a little notepad and wrote in crayon, a message. I think the message was written in binary code. The kid may be a genius, or he has not yet been taught the whole alphabet in JK. But anyway, I asked him to read it to me. He leaned in very close to my face and looked up at me with his wide blue eyes and whispered: "It says 'I love you'". Oh... melt.

The next day, I had to content myself with just a phone call to my sister and her family as they moved to PEI last October. After much cajoling my niece finally agreed to come to the phone and she greeted me with this wonderful statement: "I'm eating an egg sandwich, and the cat just threw up". HA!!

Ya gotta love them!!

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