22 January 2008

Roving and Felting

This is my newest felted piece. I listed it in my etsy shop (http://IGotFleeced.etsy.com) yesterday. I had made a little mini version some time ago, but it was a little too tiny to be of much use. This version is more substantial and in my opinion would act as a welcome addition to a coat lapel, bringing a little wish of spring to a gloomy grey January day.

I do wish that I had known that I would have my brief and unexpected lesson in felting. When we were in Belgium a few months ago I happened upon an artist's shop in Ghent, with a front window laden with bundles of beautifully coloured roving.

Ahh, to have this at my disposal at this very moment.

1 comment:

Pegg said...

Wow, what a fantastic variety in colour!!