20 January 2008

Finding Inspiration

The other night Darcy and I decided to watch the movie "The Holiday". If you aren't familiar, it is a romantic comedy. A not very romatic, or comedic, romantic comedy. It was about 90 minutes that I will never get back.

When not marveling at Cameron Diaz's ability to sprint in stilettos, I spent most of the movie examining the jewelry that she and Kate Winslet were wearing. At one point in the movie I was looking at a necklace that Kate was wearing and was thinking in my head, "Do I like this necklace? Not really. I guess its ok. No. It isn't. I really don't like it. But what if...."

I bolted off the couch, grabbed this copper chain that I bought the other day, and examined it quickly. I had originally imagined it as a bracelet, but hhhmmmmm, a lariot. This decorative copper toggle would be a great addition. Let's see, this would look AMAZING with some Carnelian drops. But I don't have any of those. Green always looks amazing with copper. I didn't have time to rummage through all my beads so I made a quick sketch and went back to the movie (the remainder of the 90 minutes I will never be able to recover.)

I finally did get time to rummage through the bead stash and found these amazing green stones that I had left over from a previous project. Here is the final result. I like it. It is a little heavier than a lot of my other pieces. A bit of a departure.

At least the movie was good for something.

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