10 January 2008

New Year, New Resolutions

Typically I don't like to make resolutions, as I really do believe that resolve will only last for a couple weeks and then once the shine of the New Year is gone, so are the lofty goals.

I do however, like to use the New Year as a chance to reflect on the past year, take stock of where I currently am in life, and determine the direction I would like to steer my life this year.

So to start, 2007 was a year of big change for me. I started my ETSY shop, found homes for my jewelry in a few B&M stores, and quit my day-job. I didn't make millions through these changes, but I didn't expect that. I did find an increased sense of inner calm, and reduced the stress level in my live.

This year, I plan to continue building String Me Along into a profitable business. As well I plan to explore further the craft of needle felting. I also have plans to take hand-made to another level in my life. I did very well over Christmas at giving only handmade gifts, but how can I adapt this further into my own life? Well, there is more handmade food. I love to cook, so much of what we eat I cook. But I want to spend more time making our staple items... bread, pasta, etc. For some reason, many of these items have scared me in the past. Time to get over it. I would love to be able to grow our own food, but being in an urban apartment has its limitations on this front.

So looking forward I guess what I really want to do is look back. My goal is to return to a pre-Walmart era lifestyle. I'm not so concerned with convenience. I want a return to food that tastes like food, items that are not going to be recalled in 5 months, or that have been designed to fall apart within a year. I enjoy knowing where my items come from and getting to know the faces behind its creation. Be it the carrots I buy at the market, or crocheted hat that I bought for my niece's birthday.

And well, just for good measure, I also resolve to go to the gym more often, and read more.

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