7 February 2013

Thinking About the Future

You know you can't ever know what the future holds.  But, sometimes you have an idea that your path might be about to change direction. I think that is where I am at.  I see a fork ahead and some choices that will need to be made.

In preparation for whatever the future may hold, I have decided to sell through my existing stock of String Me Along Jewellery and to take a breather from etsy.  It does not mean that I will be going away entirely.  In time, I might feel inspired and stimulated and want to start anew.   But not right now....

So, while it saddens me to do so, I am offering all my designs at up to 50% off until my shop is empty. 

Prices have already been marked down in the shop so there is no hassle with coupon codes, etc.  Just pop by my shop and feel free to send me a convo if you are interested in different colour selections.  I still do have a huge hoard of beads and supplies so might be able to accommodate requests.

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