11 February 2013

Spring Really IS on the Horizon

... if I keep telling myself this, it is bound to be true. 

In actual fact though, there are small little hints of it if you know where to look.  For example, look past the 2 foot snow drifts that have collected around the bottom of the gardens.  Focus instead on the fact that each day the amount of daylight hours seems to expand by at least five minutes.  That's a good sign, right?

And while yesterday was rather frigid and blustery, today the breezes are calm and the mercury is pushing its way past zero.   Expect it to drop again at some point, sure, but know also that soon these little pulses will be a more common occurrence. 

Acknowledge that this exists:

But then, choose to remind yourself that spring's thawing temperatures and fresh blooms are just a mere few weeks away with these:

The inventory blowout in my etsy shop continues.  As I continue to work through my supply stash, keep an eye out for new listings. 

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