10 February 2011

Water Cooler Gossip

When I am at home, I work alone. Gossip can be pretty dry some days, so I'm going to share all shop news with you lucky folks for a change.

So first off, I may have shared this news before Christmas, but let's do it again. String Me Along Jewellery designs are now being sold at be. style your life boutique in lovely Sackville, NB. So far, so good. Early reports indicate that my work seems to be quite popular and that makes me truly ecstatic. Thank you to be. and to the kind folks at Mt. A and in Sackville who have purchased my pieces. *high five*

There are loads of new styles creeping into my shop as we speak. Some of my favorite pieces are made using matte silvery components.

These are my favorites, but alas they were sold off etsy. As we speak replacement parts (and various other goodies) are on a jetplane making their arduous journey toward my waiting studio. Once they arrive, I will activate the listing again in my shop.

And today, this is where the gossip gets a little juicy, I went a little rock-n-roll. Newly listed in my shop is this bracelet that features painted leather and hard-rock lavastone. I am thrilled with the outcome. I have to admit, I started with a similar design last night, and ended less then thrilled with the result. Today, I re-discovered the lavastone and cried "PERFECT!". I hope you agree.

This piece currently is listed in my etsy shop.

As for the old stand-bys, the dainty lucite flowers that I love, I have new spring colours in shop, and in the works, and I also have mixed them with some other fresh new components. Keep checking the shop. Its beginning to look a bit like spring in there.

Happy Thursday to you. Thanks for letting me chat at ya.

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