21 February 2011

Dr Doolittle

Well, a brief update. It seems that the post I did a short time ago, intended to prove that I was sincere in wishing that the birds would come to visit has paid off.

Just a day after that, we were treated to a particularly warm, sunshiny day. I took a moment to gaze out my studio window and there in a tree toward the front of my yard, I saw some movement. And then things got quite active. There was a small cluster of teeny birds, frantically hopping and flitting about from branch to branch. I immediately refreshed the bowl of seed on my front porch and hoped to lure them closer. They weren't eager to come closer, but they didn't take off in full fright mode either. Encouraging. One swooped past my window and I was able to see that it was a teeny goldfinch. My favorite!!

Felted goldfinches by FeltForest.
Not long after as I walked out the back of the house, I had another treat. A woodpecker was industriously banging his head against a tree. I wasn't able to get a great look at him, but I suspect we shall meet again.

Then, a few days ago, I think I came very close to having a visitor to my suet feeder on the back deck. Trouble was, I came marching out the back door at the very same moment carrying a palm tree that was terribly in need of re-potting. Poor chickadee received such a fright from the wandering tree that he made a very hasty retreat.

Handcarved chickadee by FlyingJcreations.

The same day, I went out to investigate some tracks around the edge of the yard. They appeared to be rabbit tracks. It was hard to verify as the snow had melted and then crusted over through the day. But, fresh tracks in a skiff of new fresh snow yesterday confirmed it.

Surprise Party Rabbit by alfalfalovesme.

Finally this morning, a sudden movement caught my eye outside my kitchen window. It was a squirrel, frantically racing to and fro and skittering across the icy snow. He was very cute, and though I suspect in time he might become a bit of a menace, I was pleased to see him this morning.

Squirrel fascinator by amalie.

After the two months of absolute solitude, these fresh signs of life are so welcome. Clearly, the winter slumber is coming to an end and spring is nigh. What a glorious feeling.

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