18 February 2011

Green Thumbs and Fun Stuff

This year I am extra excited about the arrival of spring. Lurking all around my new home are little rocky gardens. Sleeping beneath the layer of crusty snow are plants and flowers waiting to wake up, stretch out their roots, extend their stems, unfurl their leaves and lift their petalled faces toward the sun. If the garden markers are accurate, some of my favorite flowers are to make an appearance. I can't claim to have a green thumb, but I am very keen to give it a go this year.

So, I have been browsing. I need inspiration. I need to know what goodies it might take to make me an expert gardener. Here's what I have found.

Naturally, the first thing I need is to look stylish, er, I mean, I need a way to carry my tools about while remaining hands free. This super-pretty gardener's apron is just the trick. I found this in the shop of SewMerry.

Now, with belt in place, and pockets at the ready, I found some delightful gardening implements. I like the look of this vintage trowel and hand fork. Because of their age and obvious use, I might be able to trick someone into believe that gardening is old hat for me. Only I would know how green I truly am. These were found in the vintage shop, GardenandWood.

I do in fact intend to try growing some little items from seed. I love the taste of a warm, sun-warmed tomato so they will be my first experiment. And, I also love the idea of walking out to the deck, snipping off a few sprigs of fresh herbs and tossing them into whatever I'm cooking. I found these wonderful herb seed packets beautifully presented in an accordian book in the shop, Ficurinia.

And what happens when I plant the seeds and they start to grow. Will I recognize them, or will I accidentally weed them out? And will I remember what went where? These garden markers from figandfern will help ease some of my garden angst.

Come on, spring. I can't wait too much longer.

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