23 November 2008

Where is Mr Tumnus With That Hot Drink?

Late this morning I drove just to the edge of Moncton and stepped into the hushed woods of the Irishtown Nature Park. If you read regularly, you may remember that this was the park where earlier in the year I stepped on a snake. I still shudder at the thought, but decided that by this time of year this snake was likely hibernating (or dead) and not likely to notice my return.

The sun was weak, the wind brisk, and the snow high. Despite these perhaps less than ideal conditions, the surrounding forest was idyllic. Only for the lack of a lone lampstandard, an overly sensitive faun, and a couple of wise-cracking beavers, I would have sworn I had stepped into Narnia.

As fantastical as this scene was, it was not until after I left the park, that I spotted this unusual quartet of creatures.

I am not really sure what Barney in a chapeau of snow, is doing chumming about with a group of snowmen.

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