15 November 2008

39 Sleeps

Only 39 more sleeps? Can this be true? I shook my calendar to see if it was broken and I came up with the same result.

Only 39 more sleeps until Christmas. That means only 38 more shopping days. I'm not really worried. Since I spend at least some of everyday on etsy, I have managed to complete the bulk of my Christmas shopping already, and I haven't even stepped foot inside the mall. Actually I have not even really needed to leave my couch.

At this time of year though, I actually do enjoy going out to the streets and the malls and taking in the essence of the season: the glow of the Christmas lights, the trumpets and trombones of the Salvation Army band, the hustle and bustle of shoppers rushing to and fro laden with parcels and packages. It is easier to enjoy the season when you aren't the one rushing about, hauling parcels. I can sit in a warm cafe window, wrap my chilly hands around a steaming mug of gingerbread latte, and just take it in.

I know that it is too early to be waxing poetic about the joys of Christmas but I was hit hard this morning with the first pang of holiday excitement. Carols were playing in the shops; gingerbread and fruit cakes lined market stalls as other vendors warned of ordering your turkey or goose soon; the city hall creche and Christmas trees sprang up overnight. All this early excitement does lead to the danger of peaking too soon. Come Decemebr 1st I may have turned into a scrooge, but for today I will revel in it.

I still do have some Christmas presents to buy, so maybe I should click on over to etsy to see what I can find. Come check out my etsy shop if you are in need of some pretty baubles either for gifts or for your own personal adornment. And remember, any purchases made before November 30th qualify for a chance to win a fantastic bracelet.. my gift to you!

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