5 October 2008


I have a new earring series in my etsy shop. Let me introduce you to ... "Dripping".

"Dripping" puts sole focus on the beauty of the beads used. I have a passion for Czech firepolished glass faceted donut beads. There's a mouthful! The beads are superior quality with wonderfully even facets, and a stunning array of colours and sizes. The variety is staggering and I get excited every time I see a new offering.

The Dripping series involves a carefully selected trio of complementary colours that are simply wire wrapped and suspended one below the other to create a (dripping) cascade of beads.

Here are the three that I have listed to date on etsy.
From left to right:
Dripping: Rainforest; Dripping: Rainbow; Dripping: Tree Trunk (sold)

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