26 October 2008


A little over a month ago my husband and I purchased our first house. We were beside ourselves with excitement, and during the last month certain elements of our regular life, like blogging, crafting etc, got put on hold. Sadly, last week when the house was meant to close, the deal fell apart for various reasons. It was disheartening and sad, but we have decided that all things considered it was for the best.

Moving on, the few boxes that I had packed, are now unpacked, and I am able to once again resume normal life. On a happier note, that means that I will be able to actually get to my beads and supplies without crawling over a stack of boxes. Therefore, keep an eye on my etsy shop as new items will be appearing each day.

I also did have a bit of good news. A craft show that I was late applying to, had a cancellation and they contacted me last week to see if I was still available. Yes. So, next weekend I will be at the Sackville Curling Club's 3rd Annual Craft Show and Dessert cafe, in Sackville, NB. I haven't done a craft show since last Christmas so I am very excited about this one.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming.

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Pegg said...

Glad life is starting to get back to normal for you, another house, a better house will come a long..