26 October 2008


Being a very practical girl, I keep those little mini bottles of champagne in my fridge for emergency moments. Last night before dinner I decided steal from the emergency kit, and treat myself to a Kir Royale. A drop of Creme de Cassis and the little bottle of champagne mixed into a flute, and voila, the perfect pre-dinner apertif.

Or so one would think. Does Creme de Cassis have an expiration date? It was horrible. Instead of the pretty pinkish colour that the drink should have turned, it was more a ginger-ale golden brown. Since it did not look appetizing, I naturally decided to taste it. Hard to believe, but it did not taste appetizing either. Just another episode in the week of disappointments. This one was easier to get over though, as all I had to do was reach into the fridge and grab a bottle of Stella instead.

So with dreams of Cassis quashed, I created this etsy treasury, which today made it (very briefly) to the Front Page.


Pegg said...

Gorgeous collection resulted from what sounds like a horrid drink, eww! Congratulations on the front page!!

loscann said...

Mmmm, Stella! That's not bad for a consolation prize :)

Congrats on the front page, that's awesome!

High On Craft said...

Congrats on the front page! that's awesome. and well deserved.