13 December 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What's not to love about this time of year (apart from sneakers that soak up slush and tummy-aches which result from squirting too much gingerbread icing directly into your mouth!)?
At every turn there is a project of some sort awaiting my attention. Last week it was cookie baking and card making. This year I made traditional gingerbread men, which resulted in the icing induced tummy-ache, green tea shortbread, and florentines, which are still awaiting a drizzle of melted chocolate. Did you know that Bulk Barn now sells Callebaut chips? Drooool....
I'm eager to make more cookies, but I am not sure that I will have the time. Plus, we will be seeing fewer people this Christmas, which means Darcy and I will need to eat whatever is left. Not such a terrible thing, until you have to make that New Year's promise to go the gym religiously and eat nothing but salads for a month.

For a couple days I wondered about the wisdom of making my own cards. Time was running short, and although I had my vision of how I wanted my cards to look, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull it off and get them written and posted in enough time. Luckily, I embraced the less is more philosophy with this year's Christmas cards, and I hear that some are already arriving in mailboxes, so I guess I didn't leave it too late after all.
And I am actually fairly pleased with the result. Onto a deep blue, slightly metallic card stock, I stamped a snowflake and "Merry Christmas" in silver ink, and then added a touck of white glitter (some of which actually stuck through the entire mailing process!). Then I adhered the blue stamped card stock to a simple black white card.

The next few days will bring a few more fun projects like wrapping presents, and planning dinners, lunches, and snacks. For someone who loves projects and many forms of creative expression, there truly is no better time of the year.

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