6 December 2007

Crafting Supplies are my Crack!

Its true I can't get enough of raw crafting materials. Last year we had to buy a new storage cabinet to hold my excess materials. Full! So then we bought some new shelving. Full. And overflowing! And still, I feel a compulsive need to "treat" myself to more.

So deciding to give myself a day off from holiday madness, I relaxed the best way I know how - supply stalking! First stop, Michael's. I intended only to get some plain white cards and envelopes so I could get my Christmas cards made over the next few days. I didn't get off that lightly. My nemesis was lurking on the shelf fronts - sale signs! Damn you, price reductions. One giant block of paper, reams of wrapping papers, oodles of ribbon spoools, swirly rubberstamps, epoxy stickers... what? How did all of you little fellows leap into that basket? I sat in the car and surveyed the damage. It was all justifiable, I reasoned, since I had not paid full price for anything.

Next, to Queen Street West in downtown Toronto where a supply stalker becomes misty-eyed from the realization that there are all those shops devoted to supplies. For today I opted to stay away from the bead stores. I was looking forward to a fondling day. Its not that weird, really! Deisgner Fabrics and MacFab have little hangers of fabric samples hanging all in neat little rows. So pretty, so inviting. Silks: patterned, striped, solid, Dupioni, Chinese. Linens, some rough, some gentle, all beautifully coloured. Toiles, velvets, cotton, twill, organza. Heavy upholstery fabric, flimsy curtain materials. Oh and then there are the buttons, the tassels and trims, the purse handles and other findings. Sigh.

Oh and of course there are the wool shops. The Knit Cafe where the squashy skeins are neatly stacked and knitted samples are artistically displayed, and where you can revel in the cozy comfort while enjoying an espresso. And Romni Wools, where any woolen thing you can imagine is surely to be found in the high shelves that overflow into laundry baskets below. And in the basement, a sale section and as I newly discovered, giant bags of roving which can be purchased by the ounce! EEeeeeeep!

And as if the stacks of sale paper at Michael's weren't enough, there is The Paper Place. Sheets of screened Japanese papers, handmarbled Brazilian papers, cardstock, envelopes, hand-dyed ribbons, and so, so, so much more. And my favorite part, little 4x4 inch scrap squares of Chiyogami paper. So beautiful! And such a small price for such elation as having that little square in your hand as you leave the store.

I am totally sated this evening. And I realised that I forgot to buy the plain white cards and envelopes that was the only actual item needed today.

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