16 December 2007

High as an Elephant's Eye

And I am not talking about the corn in Iowa, but rather the snow in Toronto. Although I probably should not have done so, I actually took a snow day today. I was meant to be at my craft show of 2007, but when the snow started last night, I knew I would have to decide whether it was actually worth it to attend. I paid for my space months ago. Did I want to lose that money? What if nobody came, and then instead of paying just for the table, I also ended up paying for gas and parking, and made none of it back? What if it turned into the best craft show day ever, and I missed out? I waffled forever, and then finally decided it would be better to stay home. Why risk the drive if it wasn't absolutely necessary. At the time I was slated to leave, the roads were becoming increasingly bad according to the local police. People weren't going to go for a walk if they didn't need to, and if they did have to go out it would be to shovel themselves free. Or so that was my reasoning. Sometimes I spend far too much time trying to justify my actions. Its like some sort of obsessive hobby I have!

Moving on....

Taking the snow day turned out to be so much fun! I spent the morning indoors, all cozy and warm, and then when it seemed to let up a bit, my husband and I decided to take a walk. We walked down to the local movie store. We also bought some popping corn so we can have hot buttery popcorn and hot chocolate as we curl up to watch the movie.
On the way back home I flopped onto the clean, untouched snow of the school yard and made a snow angel. I'm not sure why the snow brings out the kid in me. Toronto has been deprived of a good snowfall for a couple years now, so even when my husband was ready to go back in, I decided I needed to head to the park for further frolicking. It was beautiful. Only one other person had been there before me, so the snow was largely untouched. The park sits high on a bluff overlooking Lake Ontario. There was complete calm up above, and the angry thrashing of the lake hitting the breakers below. Pine trees droopped under the weight of the snow creating wintery green cocoons that would provide a temporary shield from the wind. The few determined flowers that had held fast to their few remaining petals through the autumn and into the winter, were frozen in the direction the wind was blowing when the temperature plummeted. All was beautiful and serene.
Eventually, I will need to head out with a shovel and free my car from the drift that has blown up around it. For now, though, I am happy to look out at the snow that is now softly drifting past my frosty window.

Fresh Snowfall

The Coolest Seat in the House

Toronto Borrows a Scene From Narnia

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