13 June 2012

What to Do With a Free Wednesday?

Road trip!  My lovely husband was working at the bottom end of the province this evening which meant he had a morning free and would be passing skirting along the South Shore later in the day.  Taking advantage of a perfect day, I decided to follow him part way out and we met up in Lunenburg for lunch.

We stopped for a lovely lunch at the Salt Shaker deli where the special of day to my complete delight was Lobster Mac-n-Cheese.  Homemade mac-n-cheese is always a treat especially when topped with a super layer of melted, bubbly, slightly browned cheese.  Adding lobster to the mix, well, that just makes a good meal even better!

After we parted, I continued a mini-tour of Lunenburg and managed to catch this glimpse of the Bluenose II which is currently undergoing an extensive restoration.  It looks so much bigger in real life than it does on the dime, no? I can't wait to see it someday in full sail!

I took the scenic route back home, taking short detours along roads that had "Point" in their name.  It's always a safe bet that you will be afforded a gorgeous ocean view if you follow these twisting, turning mystery roads.

My meandering route took me eventually into Mahone Bay where I made a stop at Jo-Ann's market to pick up their amazing mushroom pate.  It brings me immense joy to slather this pate on a slab of baguette and I have been known to drive to Mahone Bay for no other reason than to satisfy my craving.

While in Mahone Bay, I was also treated to a visual feast as wild roses and irises were bursting into bloom all around.  Look at the beauty of these deep purple irises.

 From Mahone Bay more meandering roads brought me to Chester.  While in Chester, I naturally had to stop at Julien's for an espresso and a pair of chocolate croissants for tomorrow's breakfast.  And, I just realised how today seems to be about nothing but food.  How did that happen?  Ah well, I walked off some of it.  But, really it wasn't all food, there are also more gorgeous deep purple flowers.  This time, it was lupins growing near a picket fence.  What maritime prettiness!

And leaving Chester, the plan was to just go straight home but I saw the exit for Peggy's Cove and had to make the turn.  I don't think that I have ever been able to resist the turn to Peggy.  And so, here she is - the world's most famous lighthouse.

Here is a view of her full cove complete with what was once a tiny fishing village.  Off in the distance you can see the fog starting to form and thicken.  It does that quite often at this time of year.

And maintaining her seafaring tradition, the cove is still home to lobster traps and dories

I can't wait for my next free day.  Summer is meant for roadtrips and I think I kicked the season off in good fashion this year.


Pegg said...

magical! I would love to come to visit!

Freda Gore said...

Hi Love your blog and your Lobster Mac & cheese sounds yummy. I will be adding it to my Summer menu. Seams like you had a great day. Thanks for sharing.