16 March 2011

Inspiration and a Charity

I don't need to share with anyone the shocking news that the country of Japan is in crisis - rocked by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake; a significant portion flattened by an ensuing tsunami; gripped by the fear of nuclear meltdowns, and; threatened by a vlocano all at once.

As the world sat in shock, listening and watching as the bad news continued, charitable organizations sprung into action.

Today, I was inspired by a young co-worker. She is in her very early twenties, and has a huge dream to visit Japan. Since the start of the year, she has been saving her pennies and taking any extra available shift at work so she could make her dream a reality this year. Today, setting her dream aside, she instead donated all her funds to the Canadian Red Cross Society for their Japan Relief Fund.

Hers was such a generous offering, and her gesture inspired me.

Until April 15th, I am donating 50% from the purchase price of all items sold in my etsy shop to the Canadian Red Cross - Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

If you do not wish to make a purchase but would like to support the cause, please follow the link below.


Lauren said...

Thank you for giving us ideas on how we can help!

Karen Snider said...

Hi - I work for the Canadian Red Cross and I just read your blog now. Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your support. Please do stay connected with us:
Twitter: @redcrosscanada
Facebook: canadianredcross
Blog: http://redcrosstalks.wordpress.com
Thanks again,