28 March 2011

Adding Softness

Well, the process of turning a house into a home continues here. Our living room has been virtually empty since we moved in three months ago. The squashy couch needed to live in the basement alongside the TV. They are a match made in heaven, and separating them just would not do. We have a new (to us) couch arriving today. I'm very excited to have it in place. And, so that it would not be lonely as it adjusted to its new life here, last week we bought two simple chairs to go with it.

Once these spring days of ours warm just a touch more, the room will painted something other than its uninspiring taupe. I think I have settled on a pale blue-grey. But my mind is a changeable one, so it won't really be decided until after the paint hits the walls, and even that is not a sure thing.

I do love creamy white furniture as it leaves the doors wide open for accessorizing. There's a word that makes me giddy with expectation. So, I am at the moment happily wiling away hours searching for scrumptious pillows and cushions to add some softness to the room.

Here are some of the pillows that I have so far spied on etsy and that I have fallen a little in love with:

Silk-screened pillow by joom.

A combination of hand-printed linen and lush velvet from MayaWilsonSource. I love the small hint of fuchsia - a subtle, playful pop.

A pillow print of an original painting by heiditheartist. What a gorgeous way to combine a fine art piece into a room.

Monograms are so stately. This pillow is a perfect shade of blue and has just enough hints of yellow to lend a slight nod to the colour palette of the adjoining room. This pillow is from the shop of Sistudiodesign.

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