6 June 2009

Flower Season

Summer has seemingly arrived well ahead of schedule here in New Brunswick. The days have grown long and warm. The trees have put forth their best and new life springs from the ground on a daily basis now. Tulips and daffodils are long past, and poppies and lilacs are in full swing.

I have been fully captured by the joy of the season and it is pouring forth in my recent bout of creativity. And again I have found myself enamoured with my recently received supply of vintage, enamelled metal flowers and new lucite cabochons.

Below is a selection of pins made using the metal flowers:

A new addition to my shop is this collection of cocktail rings:

Notice in the ring to the left, that I have this time, married the vintage enamel with the lucite cabochons. I am very pleased with the results.

The new designs have also found their way onto bobby pins.

And one last whimsical piece, a 3D collage of metallic loveliness.

I love being inspired by nature and her seasons. This time of year is of course, just brimming with creative possibility!

all designs are available in my stringmealong etsy shop.

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