12 May 2009


On an early season of Trading Spaces, the ever wise Genevieve stated, "If the colours occur together in nature, they are fine to use together in decorating too." Or something to that effect.

Many people approach the colour wheel with trepidation, shy to give it a good old Price is Right type spin. With all the hues and shades in the world, embrace colour. Its options are limitless. And true, it can go very, very wrong, although many pf the old rules have been thrown out. More importantly, when it goes right, you can find yourself gasping at the sheer brilliance of a scheme.

So take a good long look around you, and find inspiration in Mother Nature. How has she ever steered us wrong in the past? Here, a bit of starting inspiration, gathered from photos that I have taken myself over the years to provide encouragement in times of colour ruts.


Orange and Green. One of my all time favorite colour combinations.

Pink with hints of gold? Doesn't look too bad after all.


Staying within the same colour family is fine, but add extra punch by moving a little along the wheel to find your complement. Look how lovely the deep plum of the spots look against the lilac of the blossom.

See... that wasn't too scary. A side lesson here too, is to always have a camera at hand becuase you never know where you will spot inspiration next.

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