12 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, and getting the chance to spend some quality time with family, friends, and other loved ones.

I must admit that this has been a wonderful Easter day for me already, and it is only a little after noon. Despite waking up to a once-again white world, and a continuing heavy snowfall, we are lucky enough to be snuggled up at home. We decided last week to decline family invitations to Cape Breton and PEI and stayed home for a change. Seemingly this was a wise move, though we did not know at the time. We would have been faced with 15-25 cm of snow along our entire route home.

This morning, as soon as I awoke, I got to open a fantastically generous gift from a Secret Bunny. As part of the on-going fun in the Canadian buy-n-sell thread, we did a present exchange. I have had two packages taunting me for weeks now, and finally this morning I was able to open them. I was truly spoiled, with a wonderful variety of gifties from BovineBubbles, which included her wonderfully decadent bath treats. I am already addicted to her shower cubes, but I now have a new favorite scent. Lemon Lush..... ummmmmmm.

This morning I was also treated to a wonderfully creative breakfast cooked by Darcy. He made use of left over mashed potatoes and layered them with ham and eggs, lasagna-style, and then grated some extra old, sharp cheddar on the top. It baked in the oven until the eggs were cooked. It was delicious.

One of the biggest surprises, was that I also received an Easter card from my sweet. Darcy is not really a big fan of card-giving. To have a pale lilac envelope presented to me this morning was an extra-special treat. I am a card addict, but even I have never really given anyone an Easter card

Finally, I got to crack open my all-time favorite Easter treat, a Mr Munchy. I am sadden to see that Allan Candy, the maker of said chocolate bunny has removed the icing eye, but I will in time make my peace with that decision. As a kid, I always saved the crunchy, sugary eye for the very end, for that final burst of sugary deliciousness.

I hope you have a great day too. If you have a little sunshine, feel free to send it this way.

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Anonymous said...

i would like it noted HOW much they changed Mr Munchy, THIS year.

When i was a kid, my mother would let us eat Only the ears to start.... now the ears are half the damn bunny.

i liked Mr Munchy looking like a real bunny... not the cartoon they've made him... (still without the icing eye).

my family and i are saddened.